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"The complete details are in on Ryan Clady's contract, and keeping with recent history, the Broncos have done quite well to protect themselves financially.

As Jason Fitzgerald had predicted, the deal has only $15M in full guarantees - less than half of the $33M that's reported as being guaranteed.

Wisely, Denver has again given a relatively tiny signing bonus - only $3M - while handing Clady most of the real guarantees in the form of a $10.5M roster bonus payable tomorrow. What makes this such a smart move is that the $10.5M is a 2013 cap hit, and is not prorated beyond this year; only the signing bonus is prorated, at a mere $600K per season.

The balance of the fully guaranteed portion comes in the form of his $1.5M salary for 2013.

Clady's $8M salary for 2014, $8.5M salary and $1.5M roster bonus for 2015, are due on the fifth day of those league years. Until those dates, they are guaranteed only for injury.

All of this is to say that, as Fitzgerald has long maintained, the Broncos are among the best at structuring contracts and managing the cap. For this, John Elway & Co. deserve hearty applause"
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