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Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
I never said Fox was a bad coach, I just said he's the closest thing to Marty that we'll see in this day and age (also think Jeff Fisher is the same way).

I like Reid's aggressive philosophy more than Fox's conservative philosophy.

It's funny that people think Reid isn't that good. Just curious why you think that? Because of the last 2 years?
The problem with Reid is that:

1) He has terrible game management. Wasted time outs all the time, terrible decisions to challenge plays that he's not going to win (I know this falls on his assistants up in the booth but there comes a point in time where he either has to stop listening to them or fire them.)

2) He doesn't emphasize the run game and it always bites him in the ass when they struggle in the red zone. Ever watch his teams try to punch it in from one or two yards out? It's pretty pathetic.

3) For whatever reason he hitched his wagon to Vick and that was his downfall in Philly. He drafted Kolb but he turned out to be a bust. The only good thing that came out of that was that he fleeced the Cardinals in that trade but that left him without a quarterback to groom. Vick should have been a band aid for a real quarterback to step in. Now he's seemingly making the same mistake with Alex Smith. History repeats itself and that's why you see so many people who are ultra critical of Reid's short tenure in KC already.
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