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My neighbor to the left hates us. But that is because on Christmas Eve a few years ago my brothers hit a bar in town. A coworker of mine took them home, but my brother thought this guy kidnapped his dog, Marvin. So he punched this guy in the head. My other brother had passed out and woke with the noise, and started also punching this guy in the head. So he kicked them out of the car. They walk the rest of the way home. Tim gets home, and I ask where Nick is, and get "leave it alone, Chris." Leave what alone? "LEAVE IT ALONE!". So I get in the car, circle the drive way and my idiot brother is outside in the middle of the road at 3 am yelling at my neighbor, calling her every name in the book and demanding Marvin be liberated or face the consequences. I pull up and Nick stares at me, recognizes me and goes "we have to save Marvin. That b**** is going to eat him". Nick...Marvin is in the house. With mom. "Are you sure?" Yes Nick, I'm sure. "If you arent sure I am going to punch you in the throat." I promise Marvin is inside the house with mom. "ok. you are a good guy." He turns around..."SORRY LADY. IM SURE YOU WOULDNT HAVE EATEN MARVIN" She responds "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF***** YOU".

And it was a Merry Christmas had by all.

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