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CJ Anderson

We live in a cul de sac and get along very well with all but one family.

We have lived here the longest and were best friends with the old neighbor who sold her house to the A-holes which makes it even harder to look at the house.

We had trouble with them being out playing corn hole and basketball in the street multiple times a week for weeks on end. Told them we couldn't sleep because of the noise and pointed out that they were right outside our bedroom. We asked nicely a couple times for them to keep it down, I am talking after 1:30AM, they were *****, we called the cops the next time but they still didn't get it.

It took me joining the PTA and talking to other parents who knew where we lived. The A-holes names came up, apparently they are friends with a couple of the PTA parents, and I admitted that we had trouble with them being loud. The PTA people were talking about a separate blowout party with a DJ that someone called the police on to get the sound down and I laughed and said I heard the noise but thought it was our neighbors, their friends. Apparently that comment got back to them because they don't blast music out their garage towards our house (they actually turn it down when they do play it) they have only had 2 late parties and only 1 of them were annoying since my comment to their friends. I think they sort of got the hint but still feel entitled to disrupt our quality of life a couple nights a summer.

I really think that they think they are so cool that everyone who lives around them will be so glad they are outside being cool that we will like it and let them make as much noise for as late as they want to play.

They have also turned the house with the best lawn and plantings into a weed infested dump. The old owner would be horrified.

The other neighbors are all very cool and respectful, we swap kid stuff with the people to our right and do community outings with them and a couple other neighbors.

I feel bad for the kids, they have no role models to emulate. After I called the cops I went over to the station to find out if I was wrong in asking them to be quiet, I wanted to know what the ordinances were. Even on the weekends we have a sound ordinance that says after 8pm they could be issued an Noise violation. The community patrol guy I talked to said that maybe I should go over and talk to the parents, I laughed and said "They are the parents" and he looked at me confused for a second.

The funny thing is that one of their moms is very nice and respectful and I talk to and wave to when I get the kids at school. It is like she knows that what we asked is not out of line but there is nothing she can say to get them to see it.
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