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My neighbor across the street is 6'4, 400lbs. Not a healthy guy at all. He wears wifebeaters and they are cut short. I never knew a human gut could hang that low until I met this guy. Anyway, he comes by my house last week and he asks my grandmother, an 86 year old woman who is 5'0 and 100lbs to remove a snake from his house.

This same neighbor cornered my mother and I once in the grocery store by the meat counter. Deli meats is the last thing this guy needs, but he is talking to my mom about his wife. This happened in June or so of last year. He told us his wife last bathed in february. He then asked me why I dont "hang out" or wave at him when he waves at me when I go to work at 8am or when I come home at 4pm. The dude has a creepy "it puts the lotion on its skin" vibe.

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