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What prompted this is I did some landscaping a few weeks ago and changed my roof downspout drain from the metal one to a flexible one. It still drains at the same point, but ever since then I started noticing the flexible spout was getting bent around so it drains on my new walkway.

After a few times I figured it wasn't the wind, my neighbor had to be moving it. Dude's a knucklehead. He doesn't even have a lawn, it's just buffalo grass he weedwhacks maybe once a year, why he's worried about this new downspout I can't figure out. Should have had a poll option of "Lawn looks like crap". Dude doesn't shovel his sidewalk either.

We had a water main break THREE years ago, the gas company came and marked the gas lines with yellow flags they put in the ground. The ones they put on his "lawn" are still there. Dude does pick up his dog's crap, but then proceeds to leave it in several grocery bags by the curb hidden among his weeds until the next week's trash pickup. However, he is very quiet, so could be worse.
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