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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
For anybody who wants to OCD about it, here's all the covers Rolling Stone has printed:

yah, I haven't read RSM since the 500's or so. A perfect example is clicking on the 550-599 edition section and looking at some of those covers. They have the old Rolling Stones (way past their prime, living off the music they created back in the 1970s) right next to another almost past-their-prime band in the B-52s. The B-52s formed back in the late 1970s and did most of their music in the 1980s with their album Cosmic Thing coming out in like 1989. They were basically living off fumes by the early 1990s and yet RSM finally, finally put them on the cover of their magazine in the year 1990. Why did RSM wait so long to acknowledge this band?

I can site other bands all but ignored by RSM (The Pixies anyone?) as this so called "music" magazine shoveled out crap like big hair bands and pop culture rubbish.
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