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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
I'm hopeful.

It certainly can be.

Here's my nightmares:

1. Rumors involving Manning end up being true.

2. I'm wrong about Ball and he sucks and we're stuck with an injured Knowshon.

3. The D falls apart without Elvis.

I truly do think those are the ONLY pitfalls. That and, knock on wood, staying healthy.
This pretty much echoes my thoughts exactly. I hadn't heard anything other than the IB thing about Manning but it wouldn't surprise me if he was having some neck pain. The fusing of the vertebrae makes the neck more rigid and puts more pressure on the surrounding vertebras, so despite what some people have said about his neck being stronger than before, that's pretty far from the truth.
By all accounts he's been able to improve his strength and his nerve regeneration has been going well. Supposedly he's throwing a better ball and he says he feels healthier than last year, so hopefully whatever issues he had/is having are minor...
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