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Kush & Irsay

Apparently the Elway doubters are in dire need of a history lesson. When Elway came to Denver in 1983 he was the most hated player in the NFL. The current players hated him for his at the time astronomical $5 million salary. The old guard and the press hated him for not playing for the team that drafted him. Then Dan Reeves tried jamming a square peg into a round hole by sticking Elway into his Tom Landry-esque conservative offense, instead of taking advantage of the most gifted quarterback to ever play in the NFL.

While in Denver he was under perpetual scrutiny, where did he get his haircut how much did he tip what did he give out for Halloween candy. After that came the three Super Bowl losses, and having to carry the yoke of that burden. Losing the quarterbacks not even in the same zip code, having to hear the term choker and he can't win the big one. Then there was the ultimate indignity suffered when Reeves spent a first-round draft pick selecting Tommy Maddox...

I glossed over a few other nuggets but hopefully you get the idea never doubt John Elway.

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