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Originally Posted by DENVERDUI55 View Post
That is pretty sweet and I would keep that locked up in a safe. You could reload for the for it although it is old enough you would have to be careful.
Yeah he cleared up some misconceptions I had from my youth, so apologies for my mis-remembering and giving bad information. First, it wasn't his "defense" gun despite him talking about using it on potential burglars. He had a pump action .22 for that. And it isn't double barreled. It's a single barrel, but it is breech loaded, which I do remember him showing me at one time. He said he still oils it now and again, but hasn't fired it since he was a teenager. And he it's been in storage since 2000 as it was a gift from my grandfather and before that he kept it locked up which is probably why I only remember seeing it a few times and handling twice.
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