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Originally Posted by BroncosfanGuy View Post
calling your post inaccurate doesn't equal hating Hillman, guy.

You said he had 'some big runs' and then when someone asked for an example of those big runs you went on to cite his stat line and later reference ONE 1st down run. As many of us had said, if Hillman or any Denver RB had some big runs down the stretch, Denver wins. It didn't happen. That doesn't mean ppl hate Hillman.
I said Hillman had some big runs in the game. If you want to dispute that simple statement. Here's 5:

Broncos series at the end of 2nd Quarter (killed by multiple Hester runs and a Prater missed field goal):
1. 1-10-DEN 31 (5:19) 21-R.Hillman up the middle to DEN 42 for 11 yards (24-C.Graham; 52-R.Lewis).

2. 2-10-BAL 46 (3:16) 21-R.Hillman left end pushed ob at BAL 38 for 8 yards (29-C.Williams).

Broncos last TD drive (4th Quarter):
3. 2-3-DEN 30 (11:16) 21-R.Hillman up the middle to DEN 34 for 4 yards (31-B.Pollard).

Broncos get the ball with 3:12 in regulation (4th Quarter):
4. 1-10-DEN 31 (3:12) 21-R.Hillman up the middle to DEN 36 for 5 yards (52-R.Lewis).
5. 2-5-DEN 36 (2:30) 21-R.Hillman up the middle to DEN 44 for 8 yards (24-C.Graham).

McCoy runs Hillman 3 more times in a row (with the Ravens stacking the box) to kill the Broncos drive.

Like I said, he played well throughout the game, and had some big runs. I like him, and expect him to provide a great 1-2 combo with Montee Ball this year.
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