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Originally Posted by BroncosfanGuy View Post
If Hillman or any other RB picks up first downs in the final 4 minutes Denver wins. Just looking at a stat line and drawing conclusions that he had some 'big runs' doesn't work in this case. If he or any of the RBs had some big runs toward the end of the game Denver lines up in victory formation and takes a knee.
I've watched the game several times. Hillman picked up a 1st down on the ground in the last two minutes of regulation. Only problem was, McCoy's ran him too many times in a row on the last series.

While some people on the mane like to trash him, the Broncos FO recognized it, and that's why he is one of the top two backs on the squad (and currently the starter).

Hate all you want, Ronnie Hillman ain't going away.
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