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25 touches (including receptions) for 103 yards total. While he wasn't a gamebreaker, it was a good, solid performance from the youngest player in the NFL. And yes, he did have some big runs, in traffic, in the 2nd half. Hillman was able to pick up a first down on the last drive of the game. He did his job, unfortunately McCoy's playcalling was abysmal.

Hillman's only problem was that he was the ONLY Broncos RB available in the 2nd half who could put up decent rushes. That certainly limited his effectiveness as the game wore on, but he still played solid for the duration.

Hillman's performance during the Ravens game proved a lot to me, and to the entire Broncos front office who have praised him this offseason for his game against the Ravens. So yeah, you might want to get your eyes checked.
If Hillman or any other RB picks up first downs in the final 4 minutes Denver wins. Just looking at a stat line and drawing conclusions that he had some 'big runs' doesn't work in this case. If he or any of the RBs had some big runs toward the end of the game Denver lines up in victory formation and takes a knee.
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