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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Well, that accounts for it. But it still takes away from the point he's trying to prove unless he's knowingly skewing it.

Should've made an other category, would've been interesting to see if its dominantly skewed towards NFL players than average males.

I ran some numbers a couple weeks ago in a similar thread. They're pretty raw, but the results indicate player arrest rates are about the same or maybe a little lower that society as a whole.

Using teams' 90-man rosters to get total number of players is too much, let's try: 53 + 20 ir/pup/fa/fringe + 7 ps = 80 x 32 = 2560 total

Total arrests of adult males in the United States was 8,584,000 in 2009, or 13.54 per 1,000 based on 2010 Census 116,400,000 adult males.

13.54 (per 1,000) x 2.56 (player ratio) = 34.66 so if my numbers are accurate, 34.66 NFL players arrested in a year would be equal to the nation as a whole.

PLUS: Two uncounted statistical shifts FAVORING PLAYERS:

1) Age - NFL Players are 22-36, but arrest rates drop across the board as men reach age 36, and continue to drop as we age from there. So NFL players are a more at-risk group than USA based on age.
2) Race - African-American arrest rates are higher than population as a whole. The NFL is 59% black, the USA 13%. So again, NFL players are a more at-risk group than USA.
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