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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
Seeing as most males with that kind of income have vastly more affluent backgrounds than most pro football players, I'm not thinking that's a fair comparison. A guy who grows up in the ghetto with no dad is not going to magically get rid of the personal issues that come from such such a background just because he gets rich overnight.

The truth is that many pro athletes would likely be thugs and gangbangers if they weren't so gifted at a sport. To think such people are going to magically get rid of their baggage when they come to the NFL is just silly.
That's a dicey line you're walking. I agree that giving someone with bad behavior a bunch of money isn't going to do anything but enable them. However with regards to the point of the article, that NFL players don't get in any more trouble than their non-nfl counter parts, I think if you're going to break down things along those lines you have to break them down further and income level is another way to cut it.

And really, there are no excuses for some of the things these guys are getting nailed for. Take the DUI issues. None of these guys cannot afford one cab ride home. None.

"Why were you drinking and driving, young man?"

"I was raised in da ghetto!"

"That's nice. Please step out of the vehicle..."
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