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Malik Jackson

The Trayvon Martin Tragedy in an alternate universe:

(Young Trayvon in a hoodie, standing in the rain, looking up at a house. Zimmerman pulls up in his car.)

Zimmerman: Excuse me. I'm on the neighborhood watch and I haven't seen you in the community before. Do you need some assistance?
Martin: No. I'm just looking at the painting these people have in their house.
Zimmerman: Do you live near here?
Martin: Yes. I'm staying with my dad down at the end of the street here.
Zimmerman: Well, it's raining a bit. Would you like a ride?
Martin: Sure.
(Gets in car. Drive. Drive. Drive.)
Martin: Here it is. Thanks for the ride.
Zimmerman: Sure. Nice to meet you. Have a good night.
(Martin gets out. Goes into house. Zimmerman drives home.)
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