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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
If you have a reasonable doubt, you should find George Zimmerman not guilty. If you
have no reasonable doubt, you should find George Zimmerman guilty.

I don't see how anybody can look at the prosecution's case and not have reasonable doubt.
Jury's can give some strange decisions Rho. Ones that leave you flabbergasted. Like when a jury awarded a lady who got her legs cut off riding in the back of a pickup truck sued and only got 3 million. Then 4 months later we see a case where someone with a scar on her face and a missing ear got 4 million from a jury. The girl in truck was at a race riding slowly sitting on tailgate. Rear ended by a drunk stadium worker leaving the race.

the other lady attacked by a dog. Seriously 3 million for losing your legs. 4 million for having a scared up left side of face and a missing earlobe. Doesn't that make you say wow?
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