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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Something is wrong with how they're displaying the numbers.

It would be incidents/(active players per year x years) or 666/22100=.03 (proportion) or 30 in 1000 to use the terms the article uses.

Just a quick glance, the categories don't sum to 30 in 1000, so either there's an "Other" category that they're not showing for whatever reason or they're citing inconsistent information.
He's only listing the three most common problems.

By my count, the three most common charges in the NFL database were DUI, assault/battery (including domestic violence), and drug possession, with 72 percent of all incidents including at least one of these charges. Below, we compare the NFL arrest rates for these offenses, plus weapons charges, to the arrest rates for the country as a whole in 2010.
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