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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
Unfortunately your opinion doesn't equal actual law.
It is legal but also leads to bad decisions and is talked about a lot as needing to be changed by defense attorneys. The problem is jury has been focused on murder 2, then at last minute they say hey what about manslaughter? Often after jury's are polled (something i have sat in on) the attorneys will often find the took the lessor charge as a compromise with other jurors. Its not about the fact of the case at that point but rather getting the job over with.

Well if you will say its not murder 2, i will say its manslaughter. When maybe it is murder 2, or maybe it isn't either of them.

Many people feel that the govt should have to lay out what they are prosecuting you for and stick to it. Not offer a jury a compromise verdict to salvage an otherwise weak case.

Whatever that i only said it would not be murder 2 so I am going to be right. Also i still feel there is a great chance he gets off on both charges. But women are not logical so who knows. The fact is its either murder 2 or nothing. Its either self defense or its not.
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