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Tom Jackson

Originally Posted by Bronco Yoda View Post
Had GZ winged Trayvon instead of killing him, Trayvon would be now up for Aggravated Assault.

It doesn't sit well with me that a 17 year old lost his life this way. My first knee-jerk reaction was to put 100% blame on the defendant. It was a tragedy.

Then I looked at the facts presented and it went down to 50%. Then I looked at how the LAW pertains to it and it dropped to zero.

... and yet like most people you want some sort of justice. What would justice look like then? What would it be?

This case is so fascinating and tragic. Full of Racial bias all around, the gun debate, C&C concerns, Stand your ground laws etc, self defense debates. A troubled teen, An over eager neighborhood watch. Holy-crapola batman!!!!
My guess/pick is it's either man or hung or rather a hung jury on man.

Two reasons: I feel like the jury will think they need to convict him on something and the don't know about the sentencing guidelines with mandatory mins.

If convicted I'd give him 10 years with the ability for release after 6. I think that's fair give the nature of the crime and the evidence.
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