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So if a .45 will just piss a bear off, what do you recommend? I do have bear spray, but I'd like to have another option as well.
A slight bump and go for the 44 Magnum revolver. Easy to operate for you and your loved ones. I also have a Model 94 carbine that shoots 44 magnum, so that's a small, handy rifle shooting the same rounds. Makes for a good 1-2 punch on the trail.

But really, you will hear (correctly) that a 44 Magnum is also not enough wallop for brown bear. A head shot will kill it, but a body shot most likely won't drop it.

The weapons of choice to shoot a bear are the 454 Casull (forget about it), the Desert Eagle in 50 cal (again, too advanced and specialized), or get a 12 gauge and shoot sabot slugs out of it (a big chunk of metal instead of scatter shot).

So I'd get a 44 magnum pistol (six inch barrel, either a S&W 629 like Dirty Harry's, or a Ruger Redhawk). It's the best you can do and you could also shoot a person with it if attacked.
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