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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
I'm not assuming anything. The two keys pieces that IMO make this voluntary manslaughter are the 9-11 call which establishes Zimmerman's frame of mind ("these a-holes they always get away") and then the fact that Zimmerman got out of his car and pursued on foot. If he'd stayed in his car, I could buy that he was just trying to track him for the police. But what was the point of getting out of his car? Had he found Martin, was he going to try and physically restrain him (maybe that's what witnesses saw who started the fight, so we only have Zimmerman's word that he was "jumped")? Pull the gun on him and make him wait for the cops? Either way, it's stretching credulity to suggest that Zimmerman just wanted to track Martin when he could have just as easily and (more importantly) safely done so in his vehicle.
You can see on the map:

Zimmerman's car is parked on the street, just to the left of the "S" in "Shooting." According to his testimony, Martin went behind the houses where there was only a walkway between the houses, and no street. He couldn't drive back there. He lost sight of Martin at that time and got out of the car to see where he'd gone.
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