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I wouldn't worry about a black bear in the back country anyway. If you have a brown bear issue then yah, carry a gun but it's got to be a hand cannon otherwise all you will do is piss the bear off more if you shoot it with a .45. As for a mountail lion, I don't think you will have time to point and shoot anyway. But I'd get at the very least, a .357 revolver for a big cat.

Or, do the wise thing and take bear spray. Problem solved.
I've known several people out here that have been charged by black bear, especially around fall when they are preparing to hibernate.

I get what you are saying about mountain lions. I don't know too many people that have run ins with them, but they are fairly common around here. I figure something is better than nothing.

So if a .45 will just piss a bear off, what do you recommend? I do have bear spray, but I'd like to have another option as well.
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