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Originally Posted by manchambo View Post
It would be accurate but unconventional. It is conventional to call people with any degree of black heritage black.
Is it conventional to call people with any degree of hispanic heritage a "white hispanic?" Even Juan Williams sees through the BS, but I know, he works for Fox News, so liberals don't consider him a true black man.

"The New York Times has referred to him in unique racial terms as a “white Hispanic." The terminology was necessary to have the story fit into a well-worn news narrative throughout American history from the Scottsboro Boys to Emmett Till to Rodney King – the black victim of white racism. Hispanic people can be as racist as black or white people in a country with a deep history of racism. But, apparently for the Times, Zimmerman's whiteness was important. It fit their good versus evil tale of a white racist killing an innocent black man."

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