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I don't use a gun for home protection, but lately I've been spending a little more time out in the backwoods. I'm more nervous about wild animals (Bear and Mountain Lion are common around here). I do some motorcycle camping, and was thinking of getting something I can pack with me. My wife and one of her friends have taken up bow hunting, so I would want something she could wear on her hip when she is out in the forest.

My thought is a 1911 .45. They are common, fairly inexpensive, and I'm pretty sure they can do their part in defending me against a big black bear. What do you think?

I do own a Ruger 10/22 for small game and target practice. My wife has a .308 she uses for Elk hunting. So I'm not unfamiliar with guns, I just have fairly limited exposure to handguns.

Edited: Neither my wife nor I have anger issues, drinking/drug problems, histories of violent behavior, or extremely poor decision making skills. We have a child but none of our guns are kept loaded, and are kept safely out of his ability to access them. Ammo is kept in a separate part of the home than the firearms. No animals were harmed by our firearms that were not also eaten. I like puppies. And pie.

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