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Of course Republitards are stupid. Afterall, they disagree with all-knowing geniuses like you.

You WERE, in fact, suggesting that people with young kids or teenagers should not have guns in the house. You suggested that THOSE households would be inappropriate to have guns in. You were implying that it was irresponsible to have a gun if you have young kids.

Hogwash. That's all the MORE reason I want a gun in the house. I have more to PROTECT.

Like cars, knives, responsible with them, and teach your kids not to play with them (or tell your kids you'll cut their hands off if you ever catch them playing with them)......and for God's sake, buy a $5 trigger lock.

Get off your ****ing high horse dude and stop preaching morality.
That is a valid argument, but people like you and others started talking about baseball bats, cars and falling down!!

Again my statement on little kids is he stated he wanted a gun for home protection. Which means that he will have it loaded and close to him while he sleeps. Again, he can do whatever the **** he wants. But if you are buying a gun and are going to keep it loaded and within easy reach at night it will also be within easy reach of your kids.

People just might want to give extra thought about it because that gun is more likely going to be used to kill someone he knows than a burglar, that is a fact and it is always something people need to think of first.

He is asking for advice that is all it is advice. He can do whatever he wants.
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