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Malik Jackson

There's another way to paint it: Zimmerman is a neighborhood watch guy. He's driving to the store and sees some guy in a hoodie, standing on somebody's lawn (not on the sidewalk?) in the dark, in the rain, looking up at houses as if he's casing them. He's wearing a dark hoodie pulled over his head. So, Zimmerman starts to shadow the guy in his car (he doesn't know who it is, and doesn't know his age). He pulls ahead of the guy and calls 911. They say they'll send a police car out. Then he sees the guy walk past him and he continues to follow in his car. There have been break-ins before in the neighborhood and the thieves got away. The operator tells him he doesn't need to continue to follow the guy, but Zimmerman thinks he should keep an eye on him. Zimmerman loses the guy behind a house. Suddenly, the guy walks out from behind a house and walks around his car.

Think of what that was like? Was it a stare down? Was Martin checking him out, peering into the car, in the dark, in the rain? Was it hostile? Maybe Martin is armed? What should Zimmerman think? Then, the guy walks back behind the house again. So, Zimmerman gets out to go see where he went, to make sure he doesn't lose the guy so that when police show up, he'll be able to point him out. Suddenly, Martin attacks from out of the dark...

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