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Wrong. More people get hurt falling down the stairs each year, than do by accidental gun discharge. Perhaps we should mandate baby gates for EVERYONE, not just toddlers.

And I know many people who have young kids and own guns.....myself included. They all are locked in safes.
What the **** are you stupid or just cannot read?

I never said anything about mandating ANYTHING!! Retard.

The advice is so simple and so uncontroversial that its amazing you republitards are even making this big of a deal about it.

ALL I SAID is people need to look at their home and see if it is safe for a gun. The odds are if you bring a gun into the home that gun is much more likley to kill you or a loved one than an intruder.

That is all I said. You can not even argue this because it is fact.

Jesus you people are stupid.

Also, I was more concerned with sisterhellfyre because he said he wanted it for home protection. That means at night the gun is probably going to be loaded and within his reach, which is obviously more dangerous.

Obviously if you have them in a safe like you or in the attic like me they are out of reach of children.

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