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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
That is true, but how many alcoholics own guns, how many people with little kids and teenage boys own guns? As far as I know the list of murders by bat is very few there were 32,000 people killed in 2012 by guns. People just need to be aware of the fact that a burgler coming into your house and harming you or your family is very rare and you need to be aware of what kind of environment you are bringing this gun into.

That is all I am saying. Look at your house and if it is a safe place to have a gun. I have always had guns in my house but they are not there for my protection of a burgler. They are up in the attic locked away.
Wrong. More people get hurt falling down the stairs each year, than do by accidental gun discharge. Perhaps we should mandate baby gates for EVERYONE, not just toddlers.

And I know many people who have young kids and own guns.....myself included. They all are locked in safes.
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