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I myself have been thinking about getting a gun.
I have a buddy who loves guns and i swear he buys them just to take them to the range and shoot them more than for defense.

He took me with him to the range a few days ago and let me shoot a couple of his.
I wasn't really paying attention to the brand but he had a .22, .357, 9M and a .40.
It had been years since i fired a gun(last time was with my dad when he was teaching me how to shoot about 12 years ago).

My dad has a 9M and a .45, i prefer the .45 myself.
I was doing some research online,via mags and in stores(or shops) about certain brands and types.
I've settled on a 9M or .45 but i'm not sure which brand to get.
Of the ones i've looked at i like the Walther, Sig Sauer and S&W brands the best.
Which one would be better, Walther PPQ M2, P99, Sig Sauer P250, P229 or Smith & Wesson M&P 45?

I looked at FNH and Glock as well. I like the FNH FNX 45 & Glock G30S. though less so than the others.
In a .45 I'd get the Sig. The decocker on the Sig is the bomb. Chamber a round, decock, and then the firing pin is down. First trigger pull will be double action, subsequent pulls single action. That's what I like about it.
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