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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
Knicks could have afforded two of them, and really only one once amare signed. I believe Miami was the only team that could have all three because wade was already there

Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
Miami,NJ(Now Brooklyn),NY & Chicago were the teams that were options for all 3. Chicago wanted Wade and James, as did NJ, NY wanted James + whomever would come with him. Miami wanted all 3 of them and got them.

Wade was seriously thinking about Chicago but ownership kinda ****ed that one up since it was known Jerry is a cheap SOB. plus they didn't want Bosh and couldn't sign all 3 so Miami was the best choice for them.

Those are reasons why I do not give the Heat's front office all that much credit for building a championship team. They were clearly the best option, and they are in Miami. Miami may not be considered a large market, but it is a glamor city. I can't remember if the Cavs had cap room to sign two, or even all three of them. But if they did, no way the three of them pick Cleveland over Miami. The Heat were lucky that all three of those players chose them, and they happened to have the cap space for all of them. The planets just happened to align for them.
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