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Originally Posted by Jay3 View Post
I have a variant of that Ruger 22 -- great gun for practice, shooting at the range, sport target shooting. I endorse that buy.

But it will not do the job for self defense. Not recommended. Get .357 magnum revolver. A good model would be a Ruger GP100 in 4" barrel.

TY Jay , and for defense yea I agree it doesn't have the stopping power a 45 has or something like that , but with hollow tips and the fact if someone walked in on me at home from my chair to the door you would hit them like 8 outa 10 times , and I plan on emptying the the thing on someone if I ever need to heheh.

But yea there's better defense guns , but getting shot with anything sucks I'd think heheh ... As far as to learn with tho I don't think I could have bought anything better.

Thx for endorSeimiant Jay , not being a gun guy I was lost when I first starting wanting one.
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