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Thunder (RIP)

Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
Yeah I'm clearly the only one who recognized this..

1. The Broncos got the ball back with 36 seconds in the first half and three timeouts. They took a knee and went to halftime.

2. Leading by seven points, the Broncos had a third-and-7 with 2 minutes remaining. A first down there wins the game. They ran the ball to set up a punt. It's a defensible move, but you have the chance to put the game in Peyton Manning's hands. One play and it's over. If the play isn't there, trust Manning to take a sack or check it down to keep the clock moving. That's a situation Manning lives for. There's no one better.

3. After the Broncos gave up a 70-yard touchdown to Jacoby Jones after a terrible breakdown in the secondary, the Broncos had 31 seconds left to try to set up a game-winning field goal. Manning took a knee again.

None of this comes a surprise to folks that have watched Fox coach a long time. But it's a shame to not even try to win with Manning on his side. The Broncos didn't go out swinging. They went out hoping not to lose.
Some of this is true, some is monday morning QBing.

Once again, and probably not for the final time, when Flacco took the snap before the long TD to Jones, the Broncos win chance was 97.2. I'll take those chances any day.
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