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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
I've eaten at La Lomas. It's okay.
This I agree with. La Lomas has great green chile, but great green chile is not hard to find in CO.

Sea Food is harder for sure here, it has to be flown in so never as fresh as a costal city. However, Mead Street Tavern has some of the best fish and chips I have ever had. I am comparing that to Ireland and England as well. Maybe not the best, but definitely top 4. And I love fish and chips.

Food in CO has been good if you knew where to look, but there has been an explosion in the state over the past 10 years and food quality has shot up across the board. More high quality chefs seem to be coming here. Boulder was probably the front range's longest standing "foodie" city, but there are now so many new and great restaurants around Denver area too. It is not hard to find a quality gourmet pizza or burger joint (Ernies, Marco's Coal Fired, Osteria - pizzas; TAG Burger, Park Burger, Highland Tap & Burger, Colt & Gray - burgers). Delicious pig meat is also easy enough to find - try Denver Bacon Company bacon at least once. One of the best meals I've had in recent memory, even compared to my trips to NYC and LA - Old Major.

Asian food is great too. Uncle's sticky buns, Pho on every third corner of a major street, Sushi Sasa, dim sum at Star Kitchen, Thai Street Food.

But, Denver, if nothing else, is a Brunch city. Places get packed - Universal and Sasafrass are my two favorites right now. Both bringing some great fresh southern styles to Denver.

Someone mentioned no good mexican food in FoCo - When I was last there I went to a little taqueria on the corner of Prospect and College (caddy corner from Taco Bell) and it was incredible. Nothing like a tongue taco to power you up for some beer tours.

Colorado used to just have steaks, but the influx of people in the last decade has really pushed the area into having decent food as well.
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