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It would seem possible that Hernandez giving a textbook case on how to commit murder and get caught would be linked to his getting away with murders in the past. That is, a belief he could get away with it again because he had in the past. I don't want to assume anything of his already damaged character, but the dude doesn't exactly show a lot of remorse or humanity when it comes to the entire case. That's a sign of someone who has either done it in the past or is in shock, which just seems unlikely by this point. But, really, I can't get over how flippant he and his crew were with the crime. The amount of evidence is almost hilariously abundant. He did the investigative work for the police. He might as well have waved at the cameras and left the whole gun in the rental car with his fingerprints and bill of sale on it along with a bloody Patriots jersey and the transcript of his Lloyd's final communications.
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