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Good article especially the point about how Welker give the Broncos leverage with Decker. I dont want to see him leave in FA. Is he the best contract? I think so. 6 mil for a player like him is insane. Slot guys get no money and I dont know why.

Definitely agree Mays contract is the worst. Hes a backup getting payed like a good starter. Id be surprised if hes on the final 53.

Same with Kuper. The Broncos have the cap space to keep him, but Id think they would want his salary at 5-6 mil on someone else, possibly Clady. He has to be the most expensive backup or at worst top 5 highest paid backup olineman in the league. Hes older and way overpaid, his injuries have become most consistent and although hes a good, solid guard, hes expendable.
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