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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
Yeah, but it seems to me in a case like this that the doubt would work against Zimmerman, not help him. After all, he admits he shot and killed Martin, which is normally a crime. The burden of proof is therefore shifted. The onus is on Zimmerman's defense to give evidence that shows beyond a reasonable doubt that he was justified in shooting Martin. The murkiness, then, is (or ought to be) a benefit for the prosecution.
I just don't think the average jury will convict a person for murder unless they are absolutely sure of guilt. It's just too serious a charge. There are sure to be a few members of this jury who will sit back and say, "I''m just not sure what happened here." I'll be shocked if there is a conviction on a murder charge. Maybe manslaughter, but even that's a big if.

If I'm Zimmerman's lawyer, I get him off without breaking a sweat: It's the media's fault. Look, folks. The DA didn't even want to prosecute this case. They weren't going to file charges. The police weren't going to prosecute. So who's driving this prosecution? So why are we here? The big, bad evil media. And they want you to do their dirty work for them. They want you to be their tools. Their servants. They want you to ignore the truth, the truth that the police already knew, the truth that the DA already knew, and bypass the law in order to satisfy the lust of the ravenous media which came down here and tore this community apart, etc... See? No sweat.
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