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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
It's questionable that that's what happened. The prosecution's medical examiner had a different opinion than the defense's ME (as you would expect).
Yeah. That's the whole point; It's questionable. Everything about this case is questionable, down to who instigated what, who was on top and who was screaming. That's why I don't see any possibility of a conviction here. I think the police and DA called this case right from the get-go, it's unprosecutable. It's like a he/said, she/said kind of case. The only reason it's being prosecuted is to satisfy media hysteria.

Reminds me of that great movie, Absence of Malice. The media don't care what they do. Come into a town, inflame the whole place, set everybody against each other and then leave in search of the next story, completely disregarding the wreckage they leave behind.
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