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Thanks for looking it up for us.

I knew it was wrong, but I always thought it meant "spelling is correct."
I always thought spelled InCorrectly

From Latin sīc (“thus, so”).

Latin word meaning "thus," "so," "as such," or "in such a manner." It is used when writing quoted material to indicate that an incorrect or unusual spelling, phrase, punctuation, or meaning in the quote has been reproduced verbatim from the original and is not a transcription error (that is, it appeared thus in the original). It is normally placed within the quoted material, in square brackets and often italicized—[sic]. Alternatively it can appear after the quote in parentheses (round brackets)—(sic).[1] Where the quoted material is a known error, and the correct word or phrase is known, it may be included, preceded by recte, Latin for "rightly"; this is common in palaeography.

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