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Originally Posted by Garcia Bronco View Post
Sure you can. Its not impossible.
True I was sloppy with my wording in that post, but as I said before it's incredibly unlikely. If you hit someone in the face with enough force to cause them damage to the delicate skin of their face, you're equally likely to cause damage to the thin, relatively delicate skin on your knuckles. Skin vs. Skin -- pretty much an even match. And it's also often skin vs teeth.

Doesn't mean you will get hurt with every punch, but it would be extremely unlikely to avoid it with multiple punches. The only injury to Martin's hand was not to a knuckle.

The other guy's face would also take a lot more damage than what Zimmerman had. Unless you punch like a 5 year old girl. Stop watching Hollywood action flicks as a reference to the type of damage a person can withstand...

Based on my experience in 20 years of watching people punch each other in the face, Zimmerman only took one half decent punch to the nose and upper lip. I've seen a whole lot worse, on many occasions, from one punch with a well padded hand.

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