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Originally Posted by NUB View Post
While you're Monday quarterbacking this thing with probably zero medical experience, the world's leading forensic pathologist stated to the courtroom that the wounds on Zimmerman indicate a fractured nose, abrasions to the side of the head, and lacerations to the back of the head congruent with being slammed into a hard surface (like concrete) multiple times from different angles. He also went on to some length about the dangers of head injuries and how they can be subtly life-threatening. He believed that the police should have sent Zimmerman to the hospital ASAP, and had Zimmerman suddenly died of some brain injury, Zimmerman's family could have sued the police and won. He stated that while it's possible the injuries could have meshed with another version of the story they did, at the very least, corroborate Zimmerman's version of the story (the same version corroborated by the witness who walked out his door and saw the fighting). That very same witness, by the way, told police he walked outside, saw Martin on top, and believes it was Zimmerman yelling for help; he told Zimmerman he was going back inside to make a call. Meanwhile, Zimmerman relayed to the police that a man had come outside while he was yelling, but then he returned indoors. These two men who were total strangers to one another had matching stories.

What planet are you living on to suggest the evidence does not add up?

And by the way, injuries are not the measure with which one can state they are allowed to use deadly force. I don't know how many times that has to be told, but you morons have somehow latched onto this idea that Zimmerman could only use lethal force if the severity of his injuries -- literally as he received them -- reached a point of being deadly. Not only is that a borderline retarded thought process, to believe someone will weigh the justifications of responding with force vis a vis how much damage they're receiving, but it's also legally wrong. As you literally just showed, it's up to the defender to believe he is under reasonable duress. They used "reasonable" to avoid the exact kind of backward ass, idiotic thinking you are engaging in. Again, if someone swung a baseball at you and missed, what would your injuries be? Nonexistent. Are you telling me you have to sit there until the inside of your skull wraps around Slugger pine before you can respond with lethal force? I can only hope the answer to that question is self-evident.
Yep! You can be in fear for your life before someone actually starts to inflict serious injury on you. Someone gets you in a chokehold and wants to kill you it can be over really fast. It only takes a few punches to the face in a row, or head slammed onto concrete, before you lose the ability to defend yourself. Thats why in MMA etc they step in before the person gets seriously injured. You can't take blows to the head for very long.
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