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Fed you can paste statutes but that doesn't make you smart. Obviously if the jury feels Zimmerman was never in fear for his life then obviously that would mean he acted out of hatred or malice. The problem is the prosecution has not painted him at all in that light. You can poo poo the injuries all you want but the fact is he was getting his ass beat and it is reasonable to assume he could have been in fear for his life. The evidence shows Martin was on top striking him in the face with his fists.

He was screaming for help and asked a witness to go call police. All the evidence points to it being reasonable that he was in fear for his life. Zimmermans actions leading up to the confrontation, which is very important, also don't indicate he was out for evil intent, malice, or ill will towards man. He thought the kid was up to no good. Its a tragic event but not murder 2.
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