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Originally Posted by g6matty View Post

this is what its like to be 20 years old and live life to the fullest. when you guys were my age u didnt swag like me u didnt walk aroudn the frat party wit ya shirt off LIKE ME u didnt pull all the finest b****es LIKE ME ur shoe game wasnt stuntin LIKE ME. this is my last post about my personal life for you haterzszzzz from here on out its stricly footballl for me. you guys are brain dead u dont know what style is if i layed out an outfit like ur moms did for your entire school life. i do this **** like i said but its pointless to keep drillin it to u nerds. im not going to get my wish of seeing what anyof u fags look like i certainly wont ever get to see your wives. because god do i bet theyre hideous
I randomly clicked on one of those links and it was you feeding a baby in an Olive Garden. Is this some kind of joke? Pretty awesome life for a 20 year old, as you say.
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