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Originally Posted by g6matty View Post
I wasn't able to attend college I lost my scholarship opportunies when I got in trouble with the law. Turned schools away from me and I had to do some time. Everyone makes such a huge deal out of my spelling if I cared I could spell check everypost if you haven't caught on I don't care enough to. On the internet I find when someone has nothing to say back they attack spelling and grammar. The substance is what counts I'm here to discuss football not to argue with people who think they know it all. Its easy to hideon the internet and pretend to be anybody you want. Daily I see guys try to talk about **** they clearly aren't established enough to do the treadmill thread and others like it. Everyone pretends to be a scientist n its funny and sad at the same time. Fake people disgust me be real be who you are and if somebody wants to talk down on you for it they'll get their day. No body here is einstein so don't come at me with some **** like you're untouchable because everyones far from it
People attack spelling and grammar because when it is poor to below average, it makes you come off as an incompetent imbecile. Also no one will care what you are saying if they are distracted by how horribly you are saying it.
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