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Watermock - RIP

Oleg is himself, I do not know his true identity, other than it is some Russian dude. The Mole has asked to remain nameless.

I will have to check in with JCM to see if we can release who took over for Elim, and who played Q.

Requiem and Kaylore were given opportunities to play in the game as Interlopers. But due to different factors they did not take on those roles.

I can tell you that the Borg was made up of eliminated players as picked by the Interlopers and Q, and others. They designed the round and came up with the Borg rules and ways to vote off.

It was a test to see if we could get more interaction and it was a way to give others the opportunity to come up with a round and track the votes, and finally tabulate. As it is easy to b**** at us hosts without knowing how hard it can be. Especially with JCM who decided to make every twist imaginable.

I literally spent HOURS trying to tabulate results, and the one round where I got rushed and had a lot of distractions I ended up screwing up the final tally. That was where ghwk was killed and it ended up being switched to Heyneck. That really sucked for me as I felt terrible.

Needless to say I b****ed A LOT to JCM about his voting options and twists. We figured out a lot this go round and it will go smoother next year.
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