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Chris Harris

It's good that you're thinking lessons and safety. If I ever got into owning I would go that route also. Now that I'm older I've learned some things the hard way.

Age 17 - got shot in the face with a BB gun. Damn thing hit me right between the eyes and went lodged just on the side of my nose. That was back in the day. I was a military kid so I went to the base in Colorado Springs and they actually tore it lose with a pair of pliers. I never knew it had lodged in there. After I got shot there was swelling and we all thought it just hit me and riccocheted off somewhere. A few weeks later I was playing around with a magnet and I could feel the pull when I put it close to my nose.

I've shot a 44 Redhawk before. MF'er that was one powerful gun. No headset, just off in the desert with 2 friends. We also shot a few shot guns one handed because we wanted to be like Rambo. I don't recommend that. It hurts your hand like a b****. And then to make matters worse, friend got a flat, so we're hitch hiking back from the desert in Phoenix with shotguns in our pant legs to conceal them and revolvers in our pockets. We never got a ride. I'm actually glad we didn't. I can only imagine what could have happened if somebody stopped and saw those things. lol
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