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Originally Posted by broncolife View Post
Cough, Cough tell him to turn it down or leave and its not against the law to shout at the cops. The cops were very far away and he would have to shout at the cops for them to hear him.
Uh, it is against the law to interfere with police. It's called obstruction. If the police view your loud ass music at the very edge of a police barricade or if they find your shouting at them to be disturbing then they can detain and/or arrest you on that charge. You should know this, a guy in this very thread was arrested for it. He's the dumb ass in the video who is now without a dog.

Originally Posted by broncolife View Post
The Huge Rotty? Huge is the 130lb+ ones I deal with at my work. Charging? The officer moved toward the dog both times. Yes, he was trying to get the leash, but if he is so afraid of the dog why is he trying to get the leash? The leash is magically going to protect him if the dog decides to attack? Hmm, I didn't know my job was so dangerous, maybe I deserve a metal or raise.
To me, an 80lb rottweiler is a huge dog. I really can't find any ****s to give about how you deal with 130lb+ dogs at work.

Originally Posted by broncolife View Post
Struggling? Did you watch the long version of the tape? The man turned around and allowed the cops to cuff him. They were searching him when the incident happened. An intruder is in your home to rob,rape or kill you. That dog was trying to get to his owner and has the intel of probably a 2 year old child. Im pretty sure if he just gave a warning shot the dog would have ran.
The man was struggling and resisting when he saw what the dog was doing. Clearly I am not talking about his behavior when he was standing there with his hands behind his back. Idk what intruders or rape have to do with anything, and I am well aware that dogs protect their owners. Like my post said, the dog was clearly loyal. It's just too bad he was loyal to a complete idiot of an owner.

By the way, I read this guy is suing police because they supposedly beat him when responding to a domestic abuse call from him beating his wife. Clearly we're dealing with the cream of the crop intellectually.
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