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Pat Bowlen

- Dove Valley. 7/8 at 9:00 AM -

Bowlen: .....He could have just come over if he wanted to party! What was he thinking?!?!

Elway: I know. This is bad. Really bad. I mean a DUI is one thing - an accident when you're drunk is worse - but two cars in one night and one of them is a cop? I just don't know...

Bowlen's Secretary on speaker: Mr Bowlen...Peyton Manning is on line 2 demanding to speak with you.

Elway: Put him through!

Manning: Guys I just read the paper this morning. Talk about a real pain in the neck for the organization. What's the next move, fellas?

Incarcerated Bob hanging outside the window ledge: "Manning's confirms neck pain! Bad news Broncos fans!!11!1!"
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