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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
when i was a teenager if some adult was following me I would have ran. Sorry but i wasn't that thuggy and tough at 16-17 to go out at night and jump adults because the crazy ass cracker was following me.

Martin should have went and rushed straight home and called police. Tell the stupid girl i am calling police instead of deciding to fight. Tell your kids in similar situation to just run.
I probably would have run home scared ****less myself. But the point is that I would have felt threatened. And, in feeling threatened, I would have been justified in physically defending myself if I felt it necessary.

Now, if Zimmerman "lost" Martin and then was ambushed, that's obviously a little different. But that's only what Zimmerman claims. None of the eye witnesses can confirm that version. On the other hand, the 9/11 call confirms that Zimmerman initiated the pursuit and he was obviously armed, so we know with certainty from those two facts that Martin had a valid reason to be fearful.
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