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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
I agree my advice goes both ways. See someone in your neighborhood? call the cops. Unless someone is being assaulted or in danger never get your gun and go play cop. But...........that doesn't rise to the level of deparved indifference, malice, hatred, the intent that i am going out to kill this boy or do him great harm.

They haven't come close to proving that. Zimmerman comes much closer to outright proving it was self defense and at time of shooting he was in a fight for his life with Martin.

Only a few more days to go though Houghtam. How about Zimmerman goes down for murder 2 I leave the mane for however long he goes to prison. If not you leave the Mane until Manning no longer our QB.
If you really are a paralegal, even paralegals know that although the laws states "prove beyond reasonable doubt", "prove" is not something juries always consider. Read the language in my posts. I've never said the prosecution proved anything. What I have said is that they are influencing the jury to believe...big difference.

Honestly at this point I think it could go either way. As I've said all along, the decision will ultimately hinge on what they think Zimmerman's intent was when he started to follow Martin. All of the other crap is just white noise. The prosecution gave excellent evidence in the the previous non-emergency calls that Zimmerman was getting fed up with the rash of crimes in the area, which by itself is understandable...but when you add in his statements and actions from the 911 call, his intentions could reasonably be considered sinister by a jury. Zimmerman says he got out to see what the address was, but he also admitted to following the kid, and there are enough inconsistencies with the rest of his story to call into question what his real motives were. Even someone as dense as you should realize that.

We will also e able to tell a lot about how the prosecution feels about its case when the jury receives its instructions. If they give the option for a lesser charge, it will indicate that they don't think the jury bought that part of their story. "Proof", however, is a word with little real world value when it comes to juries and trials.
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